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cereneo triathlon is a unique performance management program created in partnership with cereneo, a groundbreaking Swiss research institution and clinic specializing in neurorehabilitation. Sharing the clinic’s guiding principle that “motivation matters", cereneo triathlon aims to bring the sport to the next level by supporting motivated athletes with specialist teams using a cutting-edge, science-oriented approach, while at the same time strengthening public awareness and management of risk factors for strokes and neurological incidents.


"We were looking for athletes with the potential to win the Ironman in Hawaii in order to kick off the training platform we’d envisioned. This isn’t what you might call classical training. Not only is it uniquely advanced, with resources not usually available to up-and-coming triathletes, but our guiding principle is that ‘motivation matters.’ In other words, no matter how highly trained you are, your individual motivation is the key to progress. It mirrors the approach taken at cereneo clinic, which treats patients dealing with neurological conditions like the aftermath of stroke."

Kate Allen, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in triathlon

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Concept & Approach

Introduced this year, cereneo triathlon is a performance management program that aims to bring the sport of triathlon to the next level by supporting highly motivated athletes to achieve their goals and dreams.

  • cereneo triathlon provides a uniquely powerful, comprehensive package of resources. Specialists in performance management, science and sport use a cutting-edge, science-oriented approach to empower high performance. From nutrition to training and from the physical to the psychological, cereneo triathlon is always abreast of the latest research and tools.
  • cereneo triathlon believes in communication and social support. In another reflection of cereneo clinic practices, cereneo triathlon’s network of specialists engages triathletes and their coaches in supportive, open communication to develop flexible programs that empower the athletes and build motivation and performance.
  • cereneo triathlon was developed not only to raise the level of the sport, but also to strengthen public awareness and management of risk factors for strokes and neurological incidents. cereneo triathlon promotes the swimming, cycling and running encompassed in triathlons as basic physical activities in an active, healthy lifestyle that can help reduce the risk for stroke and other conditions, as well as aid in recovery.

cereneo Triathlon concept


We are looking for athletes who have the potential to win the Ironman World Championship. Our focus, however, goes beyond high performing athletes as we also actively search for highly capable performers in the athletes environment. In order to evaluate the athletes training, we ensure that regular diagnostics and performance diagnostics, followed by detailed interpretations and practical training recommendations are implemented.



We ensure that the sport methodical content of each triathlete is based on biological parameters and that sport-medical accompanying measures are guaranteed. Only under these circumstances a stable and long lasting development of an athletes performance can be assured.

Every athlete-project is analyzed to see whether the basic principles of the concept, such as performance management measures are functioning. cereneo’s partnership with each individual athlete is always intended long-term, however, every cooperation is given a time frame, where a certain development in accurately defined key disciplines must be seen.


We merge the athletes long- and short-term goals into one- and multi-year concepts in which associated goals and the approaches to these goals are made visible.

Pfeil Concept


cereneo Triathlon actively creates a communication culture for and with their athletes. Our strength in this process is the proximity to the athletes and their environments. This, combined with a team of experts in multiple communication disciplines, allows us to build a transmedial content plan and tell personal stories with love for the detail.

Athletes & Team

Scotland’s David McNamee, 28, is the first triathlete to partner with cereneo triathlon to improve his performance and achieve his goals.
With specialists in science, performance management and sport supporting him using cutting-edge scientific techniques, the Scotsman has unique resources at his disposal. His motivation is the key to turning those resources into results.

  • David McNamee is one of the most exciting new names in the world of Ironman triathlons, and the first to train with cereneo triathlon to achieve his goals. A 28-year-old native of Scotland who is currently based in Girona, Spain, McNamee achieved early results including silver medalist (U23) at the ITU World Championships and a hard-earned seventh at the Commonwealth Games. In his first Ironman triathlon, South Africa 2015, McNamee clinched seventh place, and he went on to win the Ironman UK and earn two Ironman 70.3 podiums. He capped off his debut season with 11th place and the fastest run split in the Ironman World Championship in Kona and was named Triathlon Scotland’s Athlete of the Year. As the first-ever athlete to train with cereneo triathlon, in 2016 McNamee is pioneering a new path to Kona.
  • Among the scientists, performance management specialists and other cereneo triathlon experts is the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in triathlon, Kate Allen, whose experience in both Olympic and Ironman distances informs the effort and provides athletes with a relatable mentor. Another leading figure is Kate’s husband Marcel Diechtler, a former triathlete who has a strong background in athlete coaching and support and was instrumental in Kate’s training toward her Olympic achievement.
  • cereneo triathlon is continuously looking for outstanding talent; other triathletes to be named will participate with cereneo triathlon as the 2016 season continues.
David McNamee

"As an athlete you think you know what you’re doing, but you need a good support team around you to confirm you’re on the right track, and with all these people with great experience, in the last few months I’ve found new focus and more clarity. That said, what I do is very tough, so you have to be proactive and motivation is key – I think it’s 95 percent of achieving something. Then having strong support, that’s the 5 percent that takes you from good to exceptional."

David McNamee, cereneo triathlete

2016 results

  • 13th at the Ironmann Hawaii, US; Ironman World Championship
  • 4th at the Challenge Walchsee (Middle Distance Triathlon European Championship), Austria
  • 1st at the Challenge Poznań, Poland
  • 1st at the Challenge Galway, Ireland
  • 3rd at the Ironman Lanzarote, Spain
  • 4th at the Ironman 70.3 Aix en Provence, France